The most useless photo in the world

It is simply hilarious to see something like this…

The man is taking a photo with the muslim women… If the man is muslim, than the women must be his wives… There 5 women so this could be true… Nothing unusual till now…

But when you see that the muslim women are completely dressed and only their eyes can be seen that it comes the funny part…
To me, the picture is completely useless. All the muslim women are full dressed, they are all dressed in black and when someone will look to the picture will not know who is in it…

But maybe their husband which it is taking the picture knows who is who…Who knows?… This is the funniest muslim women photo I’ve ever seen…

muslim women photo

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  1. Hi, I like your site but I think your comments on this photo is a little uncalled for. I might not be muslim but a muslim man is allowed to have 4 wives. Just thought you’d like to know. Cheers. (:

  2. what’s really funny is your ignorance I get so sick of people making malicious fun of others’ differences! OK, it’s not commonly seen in some countries, and it may not make sense to take a picture when you can’t identify who’s in it; but I happen to wear the veil, and I was born and bred in the US; you can tell the difference of who’s who, and not just by the eyes! I would just like to say that we should not make fun of others that way – is being naked more acceptable?

  3. Queen Jihada, here is something for you to understand, “funny” is not making fun of people, he obviously and very apparently doesn’t know anyone inside that picture nor he even is making fun of anyone or anything except of the context of that picture, please try to understand other cultures as you expect others to understand yours. I hate to say this, but narrow minded people like you made this world only worse.

    And I am a Muslim, so you can stfu.

  4. Wouldn’t it be funnier if the women were being given clitorectomies? Isn’t that how the followers of the paedophile prophet seem to prefer their women (of course that’s when they aren’t marrying children)?

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