Playing chess in a funny way

Playing chess can be very entertaining! We all know that chess can be funny, but sometimes really hard to learn to play it well. Many people play chess online, or love to play it on their computers, but very few of them have the creativity and inspiration like the people and animals in the below gallery.

These funny chess pictures are an unique collection here on and I hope you will enjoy them. New ideas of playing chess!

The first chess image is so hot, but it does not make any sense… The chess pieces are all the same beautiful women. We could say that they are all queens, but how can you play chess with only queens as pieces? There are no pawns, no rooks, no bishops, no knights and no kings…

sexy chess

These guys are selling mean at the market, but it seems that no one will buy their meat, so they are playing chess… They must be really good and you can see that they are so focused…

meat sellers players

This little dog is playing chess with the beautiful blond girl… I hope that the dog will win, since we all know that blond girls do not have such mush brains…

little dog player

These chess pieces are giant and the baby seems to be so small… If that baby plays chess at his age, then he must be really cool…

giant chess

This is a really funny chess picture… These guy are playing a new form of chess where all the pieces are in fact glasses with whiskey or vodka… When you finish such a game you are in Heaven because you have to drink all those glasses…

drink chess

This is the cake of a chess champion for sure… it is really cool to eat the chess pieces on your birthday…

chess cake

I love chess! Cool idea!


Even the cats play chess and they do it really well…

cat chess

The next picture has the same idea as the previous one with glasses, but this time the chess pieces are beer glasses.. I hate beer!

beer chess

The next image shows us a type of chess which is more complicated to be played… You have to move those big barrels…

barrel chess

This is human vs human chess, but it is in fact the same person in the mirror… How can you play chess like this?

alone chess

This is a funny image reminding us of 9/11, although, if you think more, playing chess with such pieces cannot be so funny…

9/11 chess

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