Five unreal landscapes

We all know that our planet is still very beautiful despite the fact that we are destroying it in every second of our lives. I’m sure you have seen many beautiful landscapes from all the continents of Earth and that you’ve liked many of them and wished to go to some of those places someday. [...]

Burning the illegal ivory in Kenya

I know that is illegal to hunt elephants, these beautiful giant animals, because of many reasons. The first reason is that these creatures are no more than 500.000 today in Africa. This is not too much, but it is still good. My problem is why would you burn tones of this precious ivory, even if [...]

Face tattoos

Face tattoos – what is the idea? Face tattoos are, in my humble opinion, the worst choice if you want to get a tattoo. Why not get a tattoo on you leg, on your hand, on your body where it is somewhere not very visible and get a tattoo right on your face? Maybe later [...]

Giant vegetables for your garden

I bet you like to eat salads with all sorts of vegetables in it. A nice good salad with some olive oil is much better than meat or something else. But you never thought that if you use to grow in your garden the normal vegetables you grow, you could use some special seeds and [...]

Crazy big elephant attacking a car

We all know that the elephants are the largest living land animals on our planet and they can live in Asia of Africa. The elephant in the pictures below could be from Africa. This is a horrible thing which happened to the people in a car on a road in Africa. That elephant was going [...]

Top 7 breathtaking photos

I have to say that these 7 photos are really breathtaking for me and I hope you will find them as well. This small gallery has some really amazing pictures from all over the World, from different countries and they represent the beauty of nature. I will wait for your comments to tell me which [...]

Coolest pictures of Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley pictures are a reason to celebrate, because this beautiful and sexy actress from England is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. These photos of Keira Knightley are the best with her, although in some of them she is really skinny! Keira Knightley hair it is considered to be really beautiful and [...]

Navel piercing photos

Navel piercing seems to be the most popular from all piercing styles today. Nobody knows who was the first person in history which had a piercing in navel, but we can see it to many celebrities like Madonna, Cher, Kesha, Britney Spears or Jessica Alba. The belly navel piercing has become a popular fashion and [...]

The best Jenifer Lopes photos

These Jenifer Lopes photos show us a very beautiful woman, a good singer and a sex-symbol. Her concerts, songs, albums and videos are very appreciated by millions of fans. Here are the best photos with her in the below gallery. I like her hair, her hot body and beautiful legs. I think J. Lo is [...]

Who is Fergie?

Who is Fergie? That is a question to remember! If you do not know who is Fergie, than you have a problem! She is a very beautiful woman, a great singer and a fantastic person! Fergie is the female vocalist for the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas. She has a great body, some [...]